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Peerless Virtual Event Consulting

I am Mark Woodworth, your personal coach for successful virtual events.

I am committed to help event organizers succeed in the digital event world.

What Customers Say

9 Value Principles Delivered To Every Client

Impartial Advisor

Advice based on impartiality and your preferences.

Priority Support

Fast and concise replies relevant to your event need.

Strategic Mindset

Align vision and sources to maximize outcomes.

Best Practices

Thirty+ years of working event experience translates into best practices.

Diverse Playbooks

Customized advice and tools that match your preferred playbook.


Insight empowers you to allocate resources where they matter most.

Tracks Trends

Demand drives innovation resulting in a need to monitor industry trends for disruption.

Open Book

If I can't help, I'll refer you to someone who can. Client references available on request.

People Philosophy

Successful virtual events place people first then all else falls into place.

Services & Pricing Matched to Your Needs

When you are ready, I am here to help.

Whether you need a thought partner to brainstorm ideas,  a script review, contingency plan, white-glove training, or turn-key event solution, services are customized for your situation.  

No matter your level of preferred support, each client is coached on best practices, provided pros and cons, given strategic guidance and near-term action items. 

Pricing varies on the time and complexity of your project or need.

Closing Thoughts

Like a prism, it is the laser commitment to client outcomes that creates multi-colored satisfaction.

As an expert in event production, I know there is a lot to think about (curating the audience journey, sponsors, app integration, lay speakers, writing scripts, and even data privacy) but your journey is much easier with me coaching you from the sidelines. 

Wherever you are on the event arc, each client receives my absolute commitment to be the prism that helps you focus your resources and produce an outstanding virtual event.

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